Primark Spring Summer 2016

Deary me, I have had this little blog post, sat in my drafts for quite a few weeks now.. I was so excited to share all the gorgeous-nesss from Primarks Spring/Summer16 press day, then as per usual, normal life gets in the way...

It was so refreshing seeing summer clothes, as on the day of the press day, it was of course very cold, and chucking it down with rain, so to step into this beautiful location, flood full of colour and light summery fabrics, I was very happy.
The summer dresses were stunning, almost in a lingerie style, with the light, floaty, floral fabrics and long maxi lengths.
When the clothes are displayed, as individual pieces on a rail, they look expensive and special...quite the opposite when your in shops (shops in general) , when there's tons of the same item on racks, falling of the hanger. So to get to see clothes, shoes and accessories, displayed like this is fab, you get to appreciate the designs a whole lot more. 

Something that I hadn't seen at previous press days, is the lingerie/ underwear. Maybe this year that's something Primark is putting a bit more focus on.
Like the clothes, the underwear looked gorgeous, so dainty and feminine in the sweetest pastel colours, so cant wait to treat myself to some of those, when they come into store.

I had a fab day, a big thank you to Primark for having me, I also had the day in London with my little sister, which as lovely, as I rarely get to see her these days.
I also have a short vlog, up on my youtube channel, if you fancy a little look: VLOG

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, hope you enjoyed a little browse, at the new Primark Spring Summer collection, let me know what you like the look of? Are you looking forward to summer like me :) x

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