Moon Phase Nail Art tutorial

A few weeks ago,I got asked to create some Halloween nail tutorials for a brand, they weren't used in the end,but of course I still want to share them,as I put so much work into them...

I spotted the 'moon phases' nail art over on tumblr a while ago,and thought it was beautiful and really wanted to try it out for myself.
I also thought these would be some fab,trendy Halloween nails,and it's quite achievable just using sponges and a cuticle stick. It's fun and easy to re create,as all you do is simply add different shades of white/grey/blue until you get the desired affect,you don't have to be neat either.
(The 'fuller' the moon the more white / more of a crescent moon,more grey and blue)

Let me know if you've tried this out before? And any tips and tricks on how you created the moon phase look?

Thanks so much for stopping by X X X 

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