Making somewhere feel like home..

Making somewhere feel like home is tricky,especially when your on your own,living with strangers,wasn't planned and very last minute...

Rewind a few months ago,when I had to find somewhere to live asap,my parents decided to move away and it all happend a lot quicker than we all thought. I've moved out before,so it was nothing new,but when you have no savings,its hard to come up with hundreds of pounds for deposit,then rent..and letting agent the space of barely two months.
Needless to say,I found somewhere closer to work,a spacious well lit room,plain and clean,a blank canvas to make it feel like home...
The furniture was already there,all from Ikea I think. I've picked up the majority of my stuff from Primark,Ikea,Pound shop,Urban Outfitters and the holy grail of shops; TKmaxx.
TKmaxx is amazing for affordable,unique pieces,I literally love it. I like my interiors to be quirky,different and not too matchy matchy. 
Filling up my new room with maybe a few too many cushions,ornaments and trinkets has made it feel a lot more comfortable and homely.
Though I don't think I'm ready to call it home yet,it's definitely more of a transition period, where I'm just trying to figure stuff out, you know...when you get to that age or point in your life, where shit gets real... basically.

Anyways I hope you like this different post,a little insight into my life and my new home. I do love how its come together..and yes my wardrobe is a mess,I was going to tidy it before I toke this photo,but I couldn't be bothered,plus that is real, that is, how it is. 
Plus I'm happy to see how colourful my wardrobe is (yes colourful) I used to live in black clothes,but with getting older,I've learnt to feel a little more comfortable in myself,and wear what I want,because I like topic.

Leave links to any of your guys posts on decor or interiors,I'd love to see,always love fresh inspiration. Also where do you like to shop and recommend for home stuff?

Thanks for stopping by x x x 

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