LONDON fashion weekend

Every year,I admit..I get a little envious of those attending London Fashion Week. 

To be on the FROW watching the stunning,up and coming new trends first hand,would be incredible,being surrounded by the fashion elite..

Well this year I was lucky enough to receive an invite to London fashion weekend,from the lovely guys over at
Of course I stopped by the MyFlashTrash pop up shop,and treated myself to a couple new charms,be rude not too when the prices were better than half price! ..I do wish I bought some more,as they were only £4?!

Now it was a fab experience,getting to attend such an event.
With my ticket I could have a wonder and check out all the pop up shops,which was amazing,getting to see designer clothes up close...the quality and fabric is out of this world..and so are the prices.

But if I was to buy a ticket myself,I'd definitely get a ticket,that has access to atleast one show. I'd also have a stash of money saved,so I could of made the most of the opportunity to shop some discounted designer gear.

I felt sooo lucky to get to go,it was a fab experience,and I enjoyed wondering around on my own,surrounded by FASHION!! So a massive thank you to MyFlashTrash.
I have a mini Vlog up,over on my YouTube channel,if you'd like to check it out..though it's very short,as I massively failed at getting useable footage! 

Let me know if you attended London fashion week/weekend,and leave a link to your blog posts,I'd love to see! 

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