First off...whoop there's an outfit'ish post on my blog?!? I've been longing to get back into doing '#ootd' posts for a while now,and..well with a re vamped blog,fresh passion&inspiration...and a clampy/tripod thing to hold my camera..I'm back in the game!..(cringe..a little too enthusiastic maybe?..)

...to tell you the truth,this is my everyday go to shirt..literally everyday,I live in it and love it,so I'm not particularly dressed up,but when my Lamoda parcel arrived,I couldn't wait to try it all and photograph it. 
I've seen quite a few brands release these oh so boho hair charms,and have been dying to try them out..and when I saw these on the Lamoda site for £4.99 I thought,for that price,why not?!

And as for the backpack...it is everything I wanted and more. Totally boho,with the faux tooth,and faux suede fringing. So it has all the style factors I was after,and to top it all of,its totally pratical. Newly living on my own and not owning a car,doing a food shop is hard work carrying so much stuff,walking everywhere,so I thought a backpack would be more useful,as long as it looked cute,which it does.

Anyways let me know if any of you guys have shopped on the Lamoda site before? What you recommend..I've got my eyes on some of their shoes..and fluffy bags..it's all just toooo affordable! 

P.S. Taking photos by yourself is tricky,so angles aren't great and parts of me are out of shot,but I kind of like how these turned out..very 'real' especially with my naughty can of Pepsi in the background :D 
Thanks for stopping by X X X 

(Shirt I'm wearing is from Primark-in the mens section!)
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