Halloween Nails with So...?

Its that time of year again. Time to dust of last years cat ears..or maybe attempt to try something a little more out there this year; lets face it, a cute/sexy cat is the go to Halloween costume...its just sooo bloody easy..and cute.
Halloween is a time, to have some fun,go out,party 'trick or treat' and dress up silly. 
Its also an excuse to do some super cute or gory Halloween inspired nail art.
This year I've teamed up with 'So..? With Attitude' to create a range of nail art tutorials,inspired by their classic scents. It was super fun to do,as I love any opportunity to paint some nails and get creative. I also loved the sense of nostalgia I got when spraying and smelling the range, I used these years ago as a teen, as they are super affordable and smell so good.
I was inspired by the colours of each scent,and the names..'kiss me' - vampire,fangs. 
'Eternal'- ghosts..mummies etc.

Id love to know if you also used these scents growing up? or still do? What are you going for this halloween? I'm thinking a zombie..lots of gory and fun make up!

Thanks so much for stopping by.Have a very happy Halloween.
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