SWIG a modern Classic

The very lovely Gentlemen over at SWIG,sent me this hip flask,just the other week.
When I opened the box,I was overwhelmed by the quality,I felt very privileged to receive this hip flask...

Something so timeless,special and a classic,knowing I'm going to have this for a very long time..made me feel very lucky.

Now I know,a lot of people will think..'hip flask?'.. As naturally you think of guys using these,taking a sip of their favourite bourbon... Well why can't girls use it too? 
With its sleek,modernised design and harris tweed sleeve,I think it makes a great fashion accessorie..especially as you can pop your favourite tipple of choice in there,or even water,for those long walks and hikes.
And of course,I was inspired by the gorgeously woven,tweed sleeve,to create some inspired nail art..they've got me feeling all autumnal.

I'm looking forward to using this,or even possibly getting it engraved and give it as a gift,something like this is timeless,and makes a great personalised present,especially for a wedding,this is perfect for such a special occasion;best man,groomsman..
There's even a gift set available on the site,this particular hip flask is on sale,so stop by for a browse while it's on offer!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post? If your tempted to treat yourself or someone to one of these? Or even check out their website to see what the brand is all about and the other flasks available.

Join the SWIG flask society! #04806

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