Zoella Beauty : Kissy Missy Lip Balm

The new Zoella beauty range 'Tutti Fruiti' has hit Superdrug stores..I was lucky enough,to have a store just up the road from me,which was fully stocked up,yey!

The new scent is a lot different from the first range,it's all about sweet,fruity,fresh summery scents and colours,with new additions of a body scrub and a lip balm.
Which is what I bought,as it was only £3,the whole range is super affordable,but this is the one thing I treated myself too...I'm sure,next pay day I'll buy more of the range,to try out.

I'm in love with this lip balm,it smells sweet,and has a smooth,creamy texture.
To top it off it's super pigmented! Just look at the colour on my lips,I also used it on my cheeks,for a cute flush of colour.

If Zoe brings out another range..which I'm sure she must? It would be amazing to see the addition of some makeup,like an all in one pallet with eye shadows,blush etc who knows?!

Have any of you treated yourself to the new range? What do you think of it?? x x
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog x 
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