New In: Primark Nail Varnish Sets

When you think of nail varnishes,and where to buy them,you probably think Boots,Superdrug..drugstores. For me this has changed,now I've tried out Primark nail products,it's one of the first places I go affordable! 

These sets come with four polishes for just £2?! so you can experiment and create different looks with each set.
Because they are cheap,you'd think they'd be watery,thin,and chip. 
I have acrylic nails,so there's no chipping for me,as paint doesn't chip of acrylic nails,so I can't say much on that side of things,but pigmentation wise they are fab! 2 coats and you get perfect coverage.
They're just great polishes to experiment with and create fun looks easily..and at £2 you can't complain. I added some gems from the Primark nail wheels,which are just £1,not bad for adding a bit of sparkle to your nails.
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