Define & Conquer

The Art of contouring has probably been around for a very long time. But the contouring trend is definitely in full force today,with the likes of the Kardashians,sharing photos of the process..which looks crazy too me,and a little too much make up. Though I am surprised and impressed by the gorgeous outcome.
I came across 17's contouring kit in Boots, I loved the look of the product and of course loved the price £5.99.
Below is a step by step with some rather unflattering photos,but to review and show this product I want to be honest with the results...
Firstly my skin is very pale and dull before hand so this definitely helps adding some colour and shape to my face. This kit doesn't come with any brushes to apply with, which is the first down side.
It's not the easiest to blend,I feel if this was a cream based product the results would be more flawless. But I can't really complain with the price of it,cheap and not too bad,I think this is one of those products you need to spend some time on,finding the best way to use it,that suits you.
* I have not edited any photos at all,true results x 
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