Sun Shades Sun Flowers

A quarter of a century?.... yep, thats a really long time when you think about it,and twenty five is what I turnt on tuesday. I struggle to understand where on earth all that time has gone,and why on earth time only seems to be going quicker..which is scary, and Im pretty sure I say this every year. So lets mame the most of this time,the time that we have...

This is a cute and rather short outfit,I chose a size up when picking this dress as it was suggested... but would definately go up a couple sizes when ordering from yoyomelody again. I love the pretty,cool on trend sunflower print and the shades from yoyomelody are cool too,plus there a classic so won't go out of fashion; I don't think anyway :) 
I put the link to where I got my henna from too,as quite a lot of people have been asking me,it's super cheap and fun to do. I think the tradition behind it and the art of it is beautiful so wanted to do it on myself.
Thanks for stopping by,check out the links above if you fanscy a bit of bargainess shopping. Have a fab weekend guys x
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