Tanya Burr Lips & Nails

A quick little post on my favourite beauty buy at the moment. I'm not usually a lipgloss person,but I had seen that the gorgeous blogger/vlogger/beauty guru; Tanya Burr has released a 'lips & nails' line. Her line consists of some stunning lipgloss shades and cute polishes. I was lucky enough that it's stocked at my local superdrug,so picked up a lipgloss in the shade 'just peachy'..
The colour is a gorgeous natural looking light pink,super glossy and pigmented and smells so sweet and yummy too,so ticks all the boxes for me.
Now if only I had enough money to buy the full range of polishes and glosses?! 
I'm also posting this on here,as this lipgloss/photo got a big reaction on IG;(for me anyway),800+likes & 100 new followers in a couple of days?! Turns out the lovely Tanya Burr gave my photo a little like,which was a nice suprise.
I hope you've all had a fab weekend,look forward to catching up on your posts too x

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