Bristol Trip: Short&Sweet

Last week I decided to pop to Bristol with my day off work and see my gorgeous friend,which I hadn't seen for a short while.It was a short and sweet trip,so just a few photos to show you guys...
Yes a yummy greasy fry up! Me and my friend both said we could of eaten another one of these easy,we should of done with the hours upon hours of walking we ended up doing that day,though it was definately worth it...
We walked several hours in total,attempting to find our way to the suspension bridge & caves.When we got there,it was truely worth it,the views were breathtaking,which you would of seen on my Instagram already..
The caves were in the mountains/hills ( don't know what you call it :D ) I couldn't really get decent enough pictures of the caves,but was an experience and was well worth the hyke.
We also did the usual pub,shopping and stopping for several coffees.
Thanks for all your sweet comments lately :) and hope you enjoyed this little post.

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