Just the Norm

My go to item to wear is this vintage plaid shirt.As an outfit post,this isn't exciting,as I know it's popped up on here quite a few times. But it is literally my favourite thing ever,to chuck over anything and everything,and best of all it was only a couple of pounds from a charity shop.
You may only just be able to tell,I have put some pastel purple in my hair. My hair isn't light enough for it to go very purple,but I do love the subtle pastel shimmer,plus I should of used two bottles as my hair is quite long..so will do that next time.
I hope your well,haven't had a chance to blog much and stop by blogs,as I've been busy with work and YouTube. Soon as I get a chance I will stop by and have a good read.
Also this gorgeous necklace is new from MyFlashTrash,which I'm in love with! Wasn't even expecting the bracelet,which was an amazing suprise! 
Thanks for stopping by & hope you have a fab wkend x
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