Sunday Funday

The Weather this weekend was beautiful,not a cloud in the Sky. I had the weekend off,which was lucky, which means I got to see and spend that time with my gorgeous boyfriend. I'm happiest when were together just chilling, having a laugh even if were not doing anything. 
This Sunday though,we made the most
Of the weather and went to this quaint little town; Lymington by the New Forest.
We sat by the water and went crabbing,first time ever,which was fun. Dont worry the crabs weren't harmed and were safely put back in the sea.
We then went for a long walk, stopped at a pub,were there was live music,just to sit and soak up the sun.
 I wish I had every weekend off,but I don't,as it's the only chance for us to spend proper time together,so I guess we've just got to make the most of the time off I get.
A random post,I guess,but was a fab day and wanted to share,little videos of this up on my Instagram: kayleighjeana.
(Still doing this on the blogger app on my phone,so posts aren't looking great)
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