Nail Art

In my day to day job,I don't get to be creative,and I really miss that,ever since finishing uni. So at least with my nails,I get to express that a little, with some random,colorful nail art,like ten miniature blank canvases to paint what I want...
I really love spending some of my spare time,painting away,coming up with new ideas,I was thinking maybe to do some nail art tutorials? Let me know if this is something you think you'd be interested in seeing. I mentioned in my last post,about my interview at WAH nails,well..
I emailed them yesterday as it had been a while..I got a lovely reply today saying that at the moment my application won't be taken any further, I just need more experience painting other peoples nails,and once I've done that they'd love me to apply again. 
It was what I expected,as I knew this myself,I realised painting other peoples nails is a lot harder than painting your own,especially under pressure,which I would be there as it's so fast paced.
I'm not disheartened, I got some great tips when I was there,so now I just need to practise and get more confident. It was a great experience either way.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :) 
Don't ever give up on your dreams,learn,live,experience and try again...only makes you stronger! x

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