May Trip: Bristol

It wasn't too long ago that I went to Bristol,but with a week of work,what better way to spend it,than getting away and seeing my friend,who's recently moved there.
We did the usual,shop,eat,drink and catch up,the weather wasn't the best so only got a few snaps..
I saw this cute little dog statue thing on the way to the town centre,and thought it was adorable,had to take a quick little snap. I hope my friend doesn't mind me sharing the silly photo of us wearing these awful hats from TKmaxx :/ just a bit of fun. I only got a few little purchases,as I spent quite a lot of money just going to Bristol,eating and going out.
We both tried something new and went to this Dance/House club called Motion,it was fun,though there was sweat dripping from the walls it was that packed...hmm? :/ But they had a cute face painting stand,so being girly girls we obviously got our glitter faces on. I'm wearing one of my old favourite dresses from Urban Outfitters,and my friend is wearing a crop T from Topshop and I think the skirt is H&M,we both felt quite dressed up at Motion,girls were wearing flats,trainers...a very 'chilled,cool Urban outfitters style' if you know what I mean.
I haven't done an outfit post,in what feels like ages,I'm dying to get one up,so hopefully that will be next. Also I have been thinking lately about doing YouTube? I'm not sure if I'm brave enough too? Maybe il talk more about this in another post? 
(I'm doing this post on the Blogger app,as my laptop is now totally broken,so Apolagies if it's not the best) 
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