London NAILZ

You may have spotted,if you stop by my blog a bit,that I love nail art,and love spending quite a bit of time on my nails,creating new little designs. If you follow on instagram you'll definately know about this,and may have already heard about this opportunity I had.
I sent my CV and nail art samples to WAH nails, which is the coolest place for creative & innovative nail designs, it's basically 'THE' place to be..for nails. To my suprise, I got a reply, and an interview for a freelance nail artists position at WAH...
With my nail kit in hand,freshly painted nails,I had my interview. Part of my interview was to paint the managers nails..which did not go as well as I wanted at all. I was sooo nervous, my hand was shaking and no matter how hard I tried I could not do,nice work at all,of all the things to do when your nervous. But the manager was so lovely and understanding,but of course I can look back at it,and see what I wish I did and should of said.. but I did what I could at that time,so fingers crossed and you never know they may see potential in my work,I hopefully I'll hear something this week and will let you all know.
I was also very lucky that my gorgeous friend,Andrada, said that she'd love to come with me,so she can help calm my nerves, but most importantly have a lovely day in London. We were super lucky with the weather,it was so sunny and warm,did'nt want to come home.
We did alot of walking,eating in coffee shops,sun bathing and a little shopping. I toke loads of photos on a disposable camera,which I cant wait to develop and see how they actually turn out.
In my next post,I'll show my nail art and hopefully share some good news? ...

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