My lipstick collection is forever growing, even with the slightest shade difference,if its a little more shimmery or matt effect,I buy it... that sounds bad,Im not that bad,maybe a new lippy once a month..sometimes two. My everyday lipstick colour is nude,very similar to my lip colour,sounds boring but I find a nude lipstick is good just for a subtle all over flat colour...
I don't think my photos really show the difference between all of these,and are less clear in the photos below  I think,I find it hard to show the true colour of make up in photos,but I hope they are the sun keeps coming and going some photos are light and dark..
1.MAYBELLINE: 725 TANTALIZING TAUPE 'COLORSENSATIONAL'- I was'nt totally sold on this one,I thought the colour would make me look super pale,but on it looks really nice and natural,and it's nice to try something a bit different..I was initally going to go for the lighter shade 'sultry sand' as I thought it was a true nude; skin colour,but figured it would just look like I had concealer on my lips.
2.SOAP&GLORY: SUPER NUDE 'SUPER-COLOUR FABU'- I'm a big fan of soap&glory products,they literally do what the say (eg:the lip plumper lipglosses are amazing and literally plump up your lips!) when I first got this one,I used it all the time,lasts well and is a little darker than my lips,very flat colour with no sparkles so looks natural... 
3.LOREAL: JULIANNE'S NUDE 'COLLECTION PRIVEE'- I promise you these two lipsticks are totally different colours,you can see this one is alot more pinky and shimmery in the first swatch photo above. I love these lipsticks,firstly the packaging is so luxe and looks expensive,so feels special using it (I love good packaging :D) I got this one about a month ago,and love its shimmer and has a sweet pink colour, but it's subtle, which I like so looks quite nude and natural on.
4.LOREAL: CHERYL'S NUDE 'COLLECTION PRIVEE'- Confession time..I love Cheryl Cole,I think shes absolutely beautiful,has a gorgeous face and when I saw this shade and how similar it was to my lip shade I had to buy it! I wear this one most of all and have had it a little while,and will prob buy it again when it runs out,as its smoothe on my lips,lasts and the perfect nude shade.

Hope you've enjoyed this post,and like reading my beauty reviews,its nice to do something different and have variety on my blog,I love reading your thoughts,really help.I have'nt been on here for over a week :/ or checked out your posts so will be beavering away and doing that now :) x
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