Time Piece

A short while ago, I got to pick from a gorgeous range of bargain watches from bornprettystore.com . It was hard to choose as theres so many to choose from,its insane, you'll see what I mean if you stop by their site. I finally decided on this map watch,with brown strap as I just loved the watch face,looks kind of 'vintagey' and I had seen this watch on tumblr with the white strap before,not knowing it was from here and just loved it! ...
I've taken photos of my outfit wearing this watch,but there very grainy as it was already dark mid afternoon when we attempted to take pictures,but managed to take a couple pics inside that are a bit clearer. I wish I was more photograpy/photoshop savy so could upload my outfit too :( but I've just realised how poor they are,maybe I'll post them another time. I have just stopped by bornprettystore and seen this watch has gone down to $5.99 which is insane,how is it possible to be so cheap?
I have also been given a promo code to share with you, you can get 10% off at bornprettystore.com by entering: KAYLEIGHJC10 at the checkout,which is amazing as there stuff is already super cheap! Thank you for checking out my post,sorry for the lack and range of photos,hopefully a new post soon,with some clearer weather for some better quality photos,as always I love to know what you think,love to read your comments x x x 
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