Vans & Leathers

I mentioned in my last post it was my birthday,well in this post Im showing the two most amazing presents my boyfriend got me,and without me mentioning anything that I wanted. Not exaggerating at all,but I'm literally in love with my feather print vans and fringe jacket he got me,he knows me and my style so well :) ;liked to hope so too,after seven and a half years!
All I want to do when wearing this jacket is twirl and flap my arms around! Sounds wierd but then I am,I just love it and have wanted one like this for so long,ever since I saw my mums suede fringe jacket hung up in the wardrobe when I was little,I've wanted one just like this.
Also earlier last week,I won a competition on Instagram for wearing all my bling,I won all the rings Im wearing in this post,and theres more,not enough fingers to wear them all at once.I could'nt believe I had actually won,there was so many lovely entries,and alot of bling worn! #ringbling competition with and impulselondon.
As you can see in this post,the sun is out! The sun is back out again,and perfect timing as Im off work this week,Ive been busy getting lots of new stuff up on my shop,if you fanscy a browse: KayleighJean
Fringe Jacket: TOPSHOP
Shoes: VANS
Dress&Belt: URBAN OUTFITTERS(last season)
Rings/Right hand(to you):DIVA for MISSSELFRIDGE from Impulselondon
Rings/left hand(to you): DORITHY PEKINS from Impulselondon
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