Scotland Trip

It was so nice,last week to be off work,not only for the much needed break,but for a planned mini holiday to Armadale;Scotland,to see my boyfriends family,most importantly for his Grans 80th Birthday celebrations. It takes about 7 hours to drive up there,which is pretty long,but the drive is'nt so bad when you have beautiful views everywhere,especially as you reach the lake district...
Our time was mostly spent catching up with my boyfriends family and friends,which was lovely,especially as they're all such a laugh,so I dont really have many photos to show you. But I did go to Edinburgh for the day,I had been before,but had'nt really done any sight seeing,so this time we went to Edinburgh castle... showing my nievity I did'nt realise castles,where lived in,like a town/mini city in them? :/ I learnt alot,and enjoyed some beautiful views,which I hope you can tell by my photos...
Above image:view over Edinburgh in the castle
Above image and below image,photos taken in Edinburgh castle.
left to right:window in Edinburgh castle/bag pipe player/lovely photo of my boyfriend with his sister/Edinburgh Castle/Highland cow/awful photo of me/Edinburgh.
I did'nt do any shopping while I was there,but whilst walking around Edinburgh,I came across this amazing stall,with hundreds of natural precious stone rings! It had every beautiful stone going,and I wanted to buy them all,but as there sterling silver and real stone,they were quite pricey,but I treated myself to this gorgeous turqoise stone ring,and as it's silver,it wont tarnish,which means its never coming off my finger!
Hope you enjoyed looking at my photos and reading my post,love to know your thoughts,Im off today,so get to spend some time looking though your posts.
In other news Im featured on ISWAI facebook page,as Im wearing their wishbone above the knuckle ring,stop by for a nose... ISWAI facebook feature
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