Graduate Fashion Show 2012

Winchester School of Art,
Graduate Fashion Show 2012.
Thursday 24th May:Was the day of the WSA Graduate Fashion Shows.
The day was hectic, starting with packing up the vans of all 46 Students collections, organising dressers and models for the 2pm and 5pm shows, and hair and make up.
It was hectic, but the atmosphere was buzzing with excitment, everyones hard work over the past few months, was finally going to be debut infront of a large audience.
I was'nt close enough to be able to get good enough photo's and film, but there was a professional photographer there taking hundreds of photo's, so hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on some of them.
It was an incredible moment seeing my work on the runway, to see my collection put all together, and styled, finally seeing it as whole finished collection. Not only watching my own work, but every students collections were incredible and so inspiring to watch, with such a diverse range in design and personal style.
Here is the Link to the film I toke of my collection: TRAVELLER GIRL.
Let me know what you think, apolagies for the poor picture and video quality.
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