Traveller Girl in Illustrator.

'Traveller Girl' Final Major Project.
My apolgies for not posting much in the last few weeks and for not getting back to your lovely comments, as yet. Weeks and months are flying by, as the end of my final year at Uni approaches. Scary yet exciting and extremely busy.
I have finally got the hang of using Illustrator, though its taken me quite a few weeks. My Digital Communication class has really helped me with the technical side of designing, which is fantastic as it's alot quicker with making designs, editing them and experimenting with colours,fabric, and details...
I made these three boards of my designs using Illustrator. Though the garments are simple in design, the mix and clash of textures, plaids and floral fabrics, makes the designs more visually interesting and quirky.
Highwaisted Trouser Toilé-Still in progress.

Highwaisted Trouser Toilé-Still in progress.

Let Me Know What You Think?
Thank you for your lovely comments,of to check out your blogs and new posts...

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