I mentioned in my last post, about a competition I was taking part in.
The competition was running between 10 Universities, to win a Job Designing for Abercrombie&Fitch in Ohio. It was a fantastic opportunity that I could'nt let pass by, so I got working on the design brief and created a range of designs and garment technical flats to present in my interview,earlier last week.
I was'nt successful in making it to the next round of interviews, in America, but I have some work,I'm really pleased with, to add to my porfolio, experience of the competition and interview and inspiration for my new project, I've called 'Traveller Girl'.
Some of my Presentation Boards For the Competition.Designs,Fabrics,Styling,Colours and Detail.
Though I'm disappointed and it's hard to focus on the positives, there's no point in dwelling on not getting through, the best thing to do, is to look at this experience and take as many positives from this as possible, as I have learnt and gained alot from this experience.
Let Me Know What You Think? What do you think I could of changed or need to work on?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Thank you for all your lovely comments as always.
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